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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.How do I change the name of a school?
A. In order for EMIS to change the name of a school in it's database, EMIS must receive a copy of a letter signed by the Permanent Secretary which explains why the school wants to change it's name and contains the Regional Office's comments.

Q.What is a satellite school?
A. A satellite school is one without a Prinicipal. Due to it's usually small size, a satellite school uses the principal of another, usually larger and nearby school. Satellite schools are sueful during flood seasons when learners can't reach one school due to insta-rivers and other reasons.

Q.Can a school belong to more than one circuit?
A. In terms of the Clustering Policy adopted by Namibia, a school can belong to only one cluster. This is therefore how the EMIS database is set up, and what Head Office will expect in it's lists. However, a region may decide to assign a Combined School to two clusters, one for it's Primary Phase and another for it's Secondary Phase. This is fine, as long as reporting to EMIS from the regions mentions only one cluster per school.

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