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Contact EMIS

EMIS, as a government office, is open on Monday through Friday from 8h00 through 17h00, excluding Namibian public holidays. EMIS is:

Raimo Dengeinge Chief Education Officer (061) 293-3334
Innocent Mumbire Senior Education Officer (061) 293-3332
Patrick Cronin Education Officer (061) 293-3316
Sem Shikongo Education Officer (061) 293-3326
Veziruapi Tjombonde Education Officer (061) 293-3324
Uazamo Kamburona Clerk (061) 293-3314
Alexia Kandjii Data Typist (061) 293-3318
Regina Nieuwenhuys Data Typist (061) 293-3312
EMIS Fax (061) 293-3932

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