Gettysburg Flag Works (GFW) in East Greenbush, NY approached CTC to manage the redesign and re-platforming of their E-Commerce website from a custom system to the popular Magento platform. Here’s a high-level list of project requirements:

  • Requirements analysis
  • Extract, transform and load (ETL): Migrate product data and images from HTML pages into database storage in Magento
  • Design: Develop a new responsive theme to provide an updated look and feel and to support the modern E-Commerce feature set
  • Improve Search and Navigation functions
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Ensure the site is optimized for SEO by working closely with SEO consultants
  • Entity Resource Planning (ERP) Integration:Integrate tightly with GFW’s ERP (Big Business) for product updates and order recording and processing
  • Newsletter Integration: Integrate the website with GFW’s Newsletter partner
  • Shipping Pricing: Offer reasonable and accurate quotes for available shipping methods for any possible Shopping Cart
  • Documentation: Make sure the Magento customizations made are accessible to any Magento developer after reading provided documentation.

For this project, CTC provided Project Management and Software Development services. We teamed up with a design partner to assist with the responsive theme, and involved GFW’s SEO partner throughout the project to ensure design decisions would benefit the site’s SEO qualities. GFW hired a temporary team member to perform the massive migration process in painstaking detail (he did a great job), and CTC built tools to make the product migration workflow a bit easier. Finally, CTC also developed over 30 custom extensions for Magento that customize and improve default Magento features, including Product and Category URLs, Product Management, Product Curation, Shipping, Navigation, User Experience, Systems Integration, Site Administration and Operations, and Optimization.

As a strong indicator of project success, since the redesigned site launched on 23 January 2016, average conversion rates have increased dramatically.

  • Program type: E-Commerce Website
  • Languages/technologies used: PHP, Magento, PerconaDB, Apache, Varnish
  • Client: Gettysburg Flag Works
  • Patrick’s Role: Project management and software development
  • Dates: 2014-2016

The site is live and open for business: