Software Developers: how’s your documentation?

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I recently attended a presentation entitled “Technical Writing…. for Developers.” The topic caught my eye because technical writing, well let’s be honest, communication in general, is not what developers are known for. And that’s too bad, because ultimately the value of any particular technology is … Read More

Patrick completes Siena’s Leadership Advancement Series

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Today, Patrick graduated from Siena College’s Leadership Advancement Series, his second from such courses. This course focused on management skills such as emotional intelligence, trust, communication, managing conflict, leading change, HR, employee engagement and performance, and strategic planning. At the end of … Read More

Patrick completes RCRCC’s Leadership Institute

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Patrick recently completed The Leadership Institute offered by the Rensselaer County Regional Chamber of Commerce. The excellent program focuses on 6 areas: leadership and strategic thinking, communication, work-life balance, financial management, HR and organizational development, and board development and service. … Read More