About us

Patrick is a well-rounded Technologist, working in the industry since 1998. He loves the power of technology, and believes that it can and should be used to enrich our lives without getting in our way. Patrick sees technology as a fantastic toolbox that can be used to solve problems for people and organizations–and that’s what he does best.

Within the industry, he’s worked on almost every side of the table: as a help desk technician, software developer, contract manager, project manager, teacher, trainer and consultant. He’s worked with governments, non-profits and for-profit companies, and in several verticals like Education, Community Development, International Development, Search Engine Optimization, E-Commerce and Finance. This broad range of experiences has made him keenly aware of the importance of not only delivering successful projects, but that the focus of each project shouldn’t only be the technical details–it’s the people who will use the project, and the processes the project will fit in to. This is where Patrick shines.

Patrick holds a bachelor of science degree from Loyola University in Baltimore, Maryland where he double-majored in Mathematics and Computer Science. He is also a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer, having served as a Math(s), English, Computer Science, Library, Arts, and Physical Education teacher in Namibia in 2003 – 2004.