The Integrated Project Management System (IPMS) is a custom Contract Management system built for the Millennium Challenge Account Namibia (MCA-N). (MCA-N was a 5-year program of planned investments targeting the sustainable growth of the Education, Tourism and Agriculture sectors in Namibia, and operated from 2009 through 2014.) The IPMS was used to plan and track the expenditure of the program’s entire budget of US$304.5 million dollars.

As a Contract Management system, the primary user groups were Procurement Staff, Contract Managers, and Finance Staff. Procurement used the system to keep track of details related to each major Procurement action. Contract Managers used the system to keep track of the Contracts they were responsible for, and the deliverables of each. Finance staff used the system to update payment details relevant to the Contracts.

Initially developed by a third party, Patrick was responsible for maintaining, documenting, and extending the system, as well as ongoing user support and trainings. He was also tasked with integrating the IPMS with MCA-N’s proprietary accounting system (see the this portfolio item for details of that).

The photos show a few of the screens and reports of the system.

As a note, we generated a completely fictitious set of data in the system in order to create these images–we are very concerned with the privacy of our clients!

  • Program type: Microsoft Access Database
  • Languages/technologies used: Microsoft Access, SQL Server, VBA, SQL
  • Client: Millennium Challenge Account Namibia
  • Patrick’s Role: Maintenance, enhancement, documentation, user support and training
  • Dates: 2012-2014
  • Vertical: Contract Management

This system runs on Microsoft Access, which doesn’t immediately lend itself to web-based access. If you’d like to demo this system, please contact us to schedule temporary Remote Desktop access.

View a sample Commitments Report

View a sample Expenditure Report